»God is no Soprano«
Thure Riefenstein - Director, Script, Production

Thure Riefenstein was born in Germany. His background as a filmmaker is partly based on his experience as an actor in over sixty films for cinema and television. Features include The Dark Blue World” (directed by the Oscar award winner Jan Sverak, CZ), “Althan .com - hostile takeover” (D: Carl Schenkel, D), “The Crusaders” (D: Dominique Othenin Girard, D/Italy), "666-traue keinem mit dem du schläfst” (D: Rainer Matsutani, D) or the Miramax Production “The best of the best-Without Warning” (D: Phillip Rhee, USA), 2003 he shot the features "Baltic Storm" with Greta Scacci, Juergen Prochnow and Donald Sutherland, (D: Reuben Leder, D,GB,DK) and the science fiction movie "Ainoa" (D: Marco Kalantari, AT).

Thure Riefenstein lives partly in Berlin, Germany and Los Angeles and works as well as an actor and screenwriter.

acting-website: www.thureriefenstein.com or. via imdb


Films by Thure Riefenstein


a 35mm short, shot in the italian dolomites.


Audience Award "Golden Henn" Oberammergauer Filmtage

Award "Highly precious movie" from the German board of Filmclassification


Competition: Rhode Island International Filmfestival (2003),

Competition: Los Angeles Shorts Fest (2003),

Competition: Dubrovnik Intenational Filmfestival (2003),

Official Selection : California independent filmfestival (2003)

Competition: Oberammergauer Filmtage (2004)



A Fastfood - lovestory in 16,6 min

Festival: Interfilm, international Shortfilmfestival Berlin (1995).

Award: "precious movie" from the German board of Filmclassification

Story: Jean and Dave, two singles in an anonymous city meet each other in a bar and end up for a typical "one night stand". Against all expectations they fall in love with each other and move in together. Soon they find out that they dont't know how to deal with each others pecularities. The upcoming disaster is programmed.

Shot on Super 16mm

Screening Format: 35mm

Cast : Donna Rebecca Cohn, Thure Riefenstein,

Team: Producer: Thure Riefenstein, Unit Production manager: Mikki Emmerich, Location Manager: Esther Fischer, Assistant Director: Barbara Bürk, Camera: Klaus Krämer, 2nd Unit Camera: Janucz Reichenbach, Light: Sebastian Edschmidt, Set Design: Christel Fabian, Costumes: Barbara Bürk, , Editor: Nicola Undritz, Music: Paul Brody, Eric Esche and the Paul Brody Octett, written and directed by Thure Riefenstein


Screenplays and other works

1988 SOUND „Paulus“, Dokumentary 16mm, 30 min Director: Ulrich Spinnarke

1992 SCREENPLAY „Innocent Awakening“, Fantasy Thriller for Eldorado Filmproduktion, Berlin

1994 PRODUCTION, SCREENPLAY, DIRECTOR of „Lonely Nights“, Shortfilm 35mm, 18 min,

1995 2nd AD in “California Roll”, USA, 90min, 3 belly Productions, Director: Larry Ring.

1998 SCREENPLAY“THE BET”, comedy

1998 SCREENPLAY, Short „Tod und Spiele“ ("Death and Games"

2000 SCREENPLAY, Short „Totally Fictitious“

2001 SCREENPLAY „Paparazzi“, 90 min

2001 SCREENPLAY „Lord of the Sword - Das Ende der Nibelungen“, ("Lord of the sword- The end of the Niblungs") TV-Miniseries, 2x100 min, Fantasy Event, Adaption of the novelle„Hagen von Tronje“ from Bestselling author Wolfgang Hohlbein.

2002 Founding of S.M.I.L.E - Pictures, Filmproduction

2002 PRODUCTION, SCREENPLAY, DIRECTOR of the short „God is no Soprano“

2003 SCREENPLAY "Invincible", Rewrite of "Lord of the Sword" as a feature-script for Framewerk Filmproduction, München

2003-2006 Financing of Invincible

2006 Development, Pre-Production of "Earth Creature" , Feature, science fiction

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